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Dear Adult Educators:

Mathematica will be conducting a study supported by the Office of Career Technical and Adult Education - Connecting Adults to Success: Evaluation of Enhanced Career Navigator Training (CATS study) and would like California to be a participating state. Eligible adult education providers that participate in the study will receive free training for their career navigators in either fall 2022 or fall 2024, based on a lottery. The training will focus on key competencies for career navigators, such as how to build and maintain strong relationships with adult learners, how to leverage external resources and partnerships, and how to develop learner skills for success. The training will be delivered by a nationally-recognized training provider.

Please complete this simple survey by January 12, 2022, so that we can share this information with Mathematica.


Carolyn Zachry, Ed.D.
Education Administrator and State Director
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education