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Update – May 22 (sent May 22, 2020)

Dear Adult Educator,

Many of you are learning new skills while working from home. I know that our adult education teachers are adding new skills in order to teach in a distance or remote learning environment. Our testing coordinators are learning how to conduct remote testing. Our students are learning that they can still participate in school even though they are not going to a physical school building. The Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) has provided a great amount of trainings in order to provide the tools that are needed for this learning. I watched one of these trainings with the use of a tool call BUNCEE. To practice my skills with this new platform, the news that would normally be included in this update can be found on our May 22, 2020 BUNCEE web page at:

Have a wonderful week.


Carolyn Zachry
State Director/Education Administrator
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education