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Emergency Conditions Affecting Adult Education Programs (sent August 28, 2020)

Dear Adult Education Directors:

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are once again facing devastating wildfires. The Adult Education Office remains concerned about the impact that massive emergency conditions may have on your ability to provide services to your students. We are certain that the safety of your staff and students are a top concern for both of our organizations. We remain available to assist agencies affected by such conditions, as well as those affected by new or other types of unforeseen emergencies. If your adult education programs, schools, staff, or students are affected by any emergency conditions, please let your regional Adult Education Consultant know as soon as you are able so that we may help you to address administrative and programmatic needs.

You may contact your regional Adult Education Consultant or the Adult Education Office by email at


Carolyn Zachry, Ed.D.
Education Administrator and State Director
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education