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2022–23 End-of-Year Updates and Reminders

2022–23 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Title II: Adult Education Family Literacy Act (AEFLA)

Dear Adult Education Administrators:

It is graduation season and for the Adult Education Office (AEO) that means recognizing the hard work our students and graduates, as well as the administrators, teachers and staff that support adult education programs day in and day out. You have made it through another year. Thank you for all you do for adult education!

Here are a few updates as program year 2022–23, and the end of the current 2020–23 grant cycle, come to a close.

  • End-of-Year Requirements
  • Reporting Site User Account Updates
  • New Administrator Orientation (NAO): Save the Date
  • Digital Equity Survey

End-of-Year Requirements

Information regarding 2022–23 end-of-year requirements is available on the WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Grant Information 2022–23 web page.

Data and documents due by July 15, 2023, include the following:

  1. End-of-Year Data, TOPSpro® Enterprise
  2. Adult Education Personnel Information
  3. End-of-Year Data Integrity Report
  4. Payment Points Summary Report
  5. End-of-Year Certification Letter
  6. Employment and Earnings Follow-up Survey

Data and Documents due by August 1, 2023, include the following:

  1. Final Expenditure Claim Report (ECR)
  2. Official Payment Points Certification Letter

The Final ECR module is expected to open Wednesday, July 5, 2023, and can be accessed through the Online Application and Reporting Site (reporting site). Please include all eligible reimbursements regardless of quarter, up to 100 percent of the award amount. These data are collected for required federal reporting. The Final ECR includes additional questions to capture training and infrastructure activities. Also, note that non-federal expenditures to supplement this grant must be reported and are expected to be at 25 percent or higher of the grant award. Questions regarding the Final ECR may be directed to your AEO Fiscal Analyst via email.

A new feature of the 2022–23 Final ECR is found in the End-of-Year Workforce Training and Infrastructure Costs section. For your reference, and to ensure more accuracy in reporting, the data entries provided from last year’s ECR are displayed in shaded grey boxes next to each of the ten questions. If you plan to submit zero dollars but there were costs submitted last year (or vice versa) please double check internally to verify that the entries for both years would be correct. Contact your AEO Fiscal Analyst via email with questions or if any corrections are needed.

Reporting Site User Account Updates

Reporting site users with the role of OAR Admin are reminded to update all user account access, contact information, and Agency Contacts. Incoming users, such as new Adult Education Directors and Superintendents, will need access to your agency’s online account in order to download grant award information if your agency is participating in the next grant cycle. Former staff should have their permissions removed. For additional guidance, check out the WIOA User Guide for OAR Admins in the Resources section of the reporting site. The estimated time to complete this important activity is less than 15 minutes.

New Administrator Orientation: Save the Date

The 2023 NAO will be held virtually on October 3, 4 and 5, 2023. Hosting NAO through a virtual platform permits a larger number of attendees and eliminates travel costs for attendees. Agency feedback has shown a preference for the virtual format which has also aided in the ability to record sessions for the purpose of offering them as an on-demand CANVAS training course. Once posted, the CANVAS material will be available to anyone as a refresher but is also beneficial for new administrators on-boarding mid-year. NAO is recommended for staff who have been a position supporting WIOA adult education programs for two years or less. Registration will be released at a later date.

Digital Equity Survey

Important information about the California Digital Equity Survey was sent out on Friday, May 26, 2023. If you have not already responded to the survey, please take a moment to look for the detailed email and respond to help California identify the digital equity barriers and needs of its residents (everyone, including our students). The survey can be taken online or via mobile phone. It is accessible in 14 different languages and includes audio functionality for limited English proficiency and limited literacy residents.

If you have any questions, please contact the AEO by email at or by telephone at 916-322-2175.


Carolyn Zachry, Ed.D.
Education Administrator and State Director
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education