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Award Notification Reminder and Student Broadband Survey (sent August 20, 2021)

Dear WIOA Administrators,

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Title II: Adult Education Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) 2021–22

Electronic Grant Award Notifications Due Today

This is a friendly reminder that electronic Grant Award Notifications (GAN) are due today, Friday, August 20, 2021. Please return to the Grant Award Notifications page within the Adult Education Online Application and Reporting site to electronically upload your signed documents to the California Department of Education (CDE). If you are unable to return your signed GAN today with the appropriate signature or documentation, please contact your Fiscal Analyst to request an extension.

Also, please drop the original signature hardcopy in the mail to CDE. The Adult Education Office is processing both formats of incoming GAN on a regular basis to provide timely access to the Grant Budget application. Over 68 percent of award notifications have already been signed and received electronically. While both versions are required, access to the Budget is given based on acceptance of the electronic format.

NOTE: If your GAN includes section 243 funding and you do not plan to offer a 243 compliant program in the 2021–22, we request that this funding be declined. Do not sign your GAN and contact your CDE Fiscal Analyst to request an amendment.

Advocacy for Broadband Inclusion

Here is an opportunity for students to participate in advocacy for broadband inclusion through a survey from Consumer Reports and the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA). Let’s Broadband Together, from Consumer Reports, is gathering essential data on internet access and speed. NDIA is partnering with them and we need your help!

Millions of us don’t have access to internet service. And for those of us who do, it’s often unreliable and too expensive. Together we can change that.

Consumer Reports has a new project that could ultimately reveal if Americans are actually getting what they’re paying for when it comes to internet service.

Please take 7 minutes to share information about your internet access. All you need is an internet connection and a copy of your internet bill, and you’ll also get to test your internet speed! We will take the results of this project and advocate for more affordable, and more accessible, internet for everyone.

Thank you for being part of this important work, and helping ensure we all have affordable, accessible high-speed internet!

If you have any questions regarding your GAN, please contact your CDE Fiscal Analyst or the Adult Education Office by telephone at 916-322-2175 or by email at

Carolyn Zachry, Ed.D.
Education Administrator and State Director
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education