Amended Grant Award Notification 2021–22

December 17, 2021 - Grant Award Notifications (GAN) have been issued to correct a non-fiscal typographical error in the Federal Grant Identification Number. Non-Fiscal amendments will not impact the grant award amount or First Quarter deliverables. The signature process and the download/upload process remain the same. A hardcopy of your agency’s amended award notification will not be mailed unless requested. Electronic and hardcopies of the amended GAN are due to the California Department of Education by December 17, 2021. Both documents will be required in order to begin a Second Quarter Expenditure Claim.

If you discover administrative errors on your award notification, or have any questions, please notify your fiscal analyst.


  1. Download your Amended Grant Award Notification. Hardcopies will only be mailed upon request.

  2. Print out all three (3) pages of the Amended GAN.

  3. Sign and date page one of the Amended GAN in hardcopy preferably using blue ink. This document requires an actual wet ink signature of the Superintendent/College President/Chief Executive Officer or someone with delegated authority to accept the grant. Electronic signatures using a cursive font, or an image of a wet ink signature, or of certified electronic signature in software such as Adobe are not appropriate.

    • If someone other than the Superintendent/College President/Chief Executive Office is signing this document, they need to have delegated authority to do so.

    • Delegated authority in a K-12 is usually issued by the district’s school board. It is often documented in board meeting minutes or in an official document that outlines all of the activities and dollar thresholds that the person is able to perform for the entity.

    • Supporting documentation provided in 2020–21 or 2021–22 is on file with the AEO.

    • Attach supporting documentation for new persons signing with delegated authority when returning the file electronically to CDE.

  4. Return to this webpage to upload your signed Amended GAN on or before the due date.

    • Ensure the file is readable;

    • that all pages have been included;

    • that the name of your agency is included in the file name;

    • that the file is a PDF;

    • and supporting documentation for delegated authority are included, if applicable.

  5. To upload a file first click the "Choose a file" button below and select the desired file.

  6. Next click the "Upload file" button to upload your file. If your upload is successful you will see the message "The Amended Grant Award Notification Upload was successful".

  7. The CDE will review the uploaded file. The status of the review will be visible on the Deliverables Summary. If the file is accepted, make a copy of the document for your records and mail the original to CDE. If the file is not accepted, your agency will be asked to make corrections and reload the file.

  8. Mail original to: California Department of Education, Adult Education Office; Attn: ; 1430 N Street, Suite 4202; Sacramento CA 95814.

IMPORTANT: To ensure compliance with accessibility standards, if you a need copy of this downloadable file mailed to you in hardcopy, please contact your Fiscal Analyst.

Your Amended Grant Award Notification must reflect an “accepted” status before you may complete your Second Quarter Expenditure Claim Report. Uploads are reviewed daily by AEO staff during business hours. If this electronic method poses a technical problem for your agency, please contact your Fiscal Analyst so that we may assist you with completing this process.

Your Amended Grant Award Notice is currently not available
If you have any questions please contact your Fiscal Analyst, by email at